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10 Best Ways to motivate yourself for studying

Well, self-motivation is very important in our life to achieve success. Sometimes it is tough to concentrate on studies due to several reasons. At that time self-motivation is very important. There are times when we lose all our hopes and start to think that we are good for nothing and we push ourselves into dark roads of anxiety and depression. Several times when the exam is knocking at your door, and you are not prepared. You start panicking. Trust me; there are ways by which you can come out from this situation. All you have to do is to study a bit, buy some books with amazing discounts from hotozcoupons deals and follow the points which we are going to discuss below.

1. You have to say goodbye to procrastination

Procrastination plays a pivotal role in the degradation of your life. First of all, you have to find the reason for your procrastination. No one knows you better than yourself. So, try to figure out what is bothering you. Here are some common reasons for procrastination.

  • In your mind, you have already persuaded that homework is very tough for you.

  • You are rebelling against your parents and teachers by not doing your homework and not studying properly.

  • You have already considered this topic as boring.

  • You are waiting for the ‘right time’ to start.

  • You lost your way about how to start your work.

It’s a very complicated problem. So, take your time. Think with a calm mind and try to find out the actual reason for your procrastination.

2. Integrate your tasks

Often, we face problems to complete a task because of its size. Try to integrate your work properly. Break it down to small tasks. Handle a small chunk of the job at a time. By this way, you will be able to lower down the pressure of your task, and suddenly, one day you will find out that you have completed your task. Not only that, but you will also get rid of the fear of finishing a significant work.

3. Gift yourself a present every time you complete that specific integrated task

Rewarding yourself is the best way of self-motivation. It will motivate you to carry on with your work. By doing this, you will feel the urge of completing your task. The rewards should be short like playing a mobile game for five minutes, listening to songs or taking a walk in your nearest park. It will keep you mentally active.

4. Make a proper study routine

Making an appropriate routine of study will help you to organize your study cycle. Make it a habit. We are the slaves of our habits. So, make use of that humane instinct and start your studies. It will take at least 20 to 30 days to apply this habit in your daily life. So, don’t get demotivated and start your routine as soon as possible.

5. Try to make a dull subject interesting

It is tough to study when the subject is boring. Well, let me tell you that the subject is not boring; instead, you are you are not interested. According to G.K. Chesterton “There are no boring subjects, only disinterested minds”. So, if the subject is boring according to you, try to ask yourself some specific questions like:

  • Why this theory or the technique was developed?

  • Who designed this theory?

  • What kind of problems can this theory solve?

  • How would it have been if the theory was not there?

Try to ask the right questions to yourself, and it will make the subject interesting.

6. Try to organize your time

Organizing your time is a significant step to make you motivated about your studies. Try allotting times for each subject. Download an organizer and block the times that you have decided to do the study.

7. Group study is significant

One thing you must remember about group studying is to select the students who can help you out with your studies. Don’t exceed the number of heads more than four. Try to make a commitment to your friends about the new habits that you want to develop.

8. Go for the exercise regularly

Exercise not only helps you to become fit but also helps to keep your brain fit which is directly related to studies.

9. Try to move away from the distractions

Many kinds of disturbances will hamper your study. Try to get rid of those distractions so that you can focus on your studies.

10. You need relaxation too

Take short breaks between your studies. It will help you to charge you up. Too much studying is also very exhausting and demotivating. So, take breaks and relax a bit.

So, the primary way to get motivated about your studies is to organize yourself. Follow a specific routine, stay healthy and do not get depressed. Keep in mind that self-motivation is the best motivation. You are the best person to motivate yourself.

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