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Improve your home appearance through different roofing styles

Roof is a very important and necessary part of every home for both decorative and protective purposes. When you have old model roof and want to renovate it with a modern roofing system, it is too essential to get information about availability of different modern roof designs to be installed at home. Here are a few new age roofing styles and designs explained for your home improvement benefits.

Mansard roof

This kind of roof is actually made up of 4 slopes and two on each side of the house. A lower slope is the steeper and it is more vertical slope than the upper roof slope. This upper slope may or may not be detectable from the ground. Actually, it is a French style roofing system that allows for the additional storage space or living space at the top of your house.


This Gambrel house roofing system is very similar to the mansard roof. The main differences between these roofing systems are that it has vertical gable ends and as well the roof hangs over a facade of the house whereas the mansard roof doesn’t. It is Dutch style roof instead of French.

Salt box

This particular type of roof is the favorite option for many house owners because it looks very interesting from the outside. It is actually an uneven long pitched roof with one very long side and one short side. Though it gives neat design to the home, most of the house owners choose this roofing system for their house.

Pyramid roof

As its name shows, it is a kind of roof which is shaped like a pyramid. You can see it on the two various portions of the home. This particular sort of roofing system is usually used either on the small portions or on the small structures such as a pool house or a garage.

Hip roof

This house roof is too similar to the pyramid roofing system. The major difference is that rather than coming to the point at the top, the four sides will meet at the ridge or a flat spot. It is architecturally more practical to design for your house.

Bonnet roof

It is as same as the hip roof and pyramid roof. The only difference is the two slides slope out an angle. Most of the house owners are using this roof style to cover an outdoor porch area or a veranda.

Flat roof

This kind of house roof is probably easy to find. The advantages of a flat roof at home include that it is safer, easier to construct, and more accessible. Flat roof will give you protective and modern look to your house.

Cross gabled roof

Usually, there are different types of cross gabled roof styles available in the market. Everyone enjoys cross gabled roofing at home with the additional wings. Each portion of your house has its own triangular gabled roof to give an amazing look and appearance to your living space.

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